The biggest and often overlooked difference between renovation and new construction is that with a renovation, your construction team will become a regular presence in your everyday living space.

And so, while it’s true for any construction project that you should like who you work with, it’s particularly important when it comes to renovation projects… if we’re renovating, you’re going to be seeing a lot of us!

Our team goes into renovations with a high level of awareness that this isn’t just any construction site — it’s your house. It’s important to us that our team always uses appropriate language indoors and out, leaves the job site as clean as possible each day, and is beyond respectful of your home and your family’s daily life.

When we’re done, we always want it to look like we were never there… both because we’ve thoroughly cleaned up after ourselves, and because the addition we’ve created for you is so custom, seamless, and perfect for your home that you almost can’t tell where it starts and ends.

Whether your renovation is an addition, restoration, or interior redesign, we follow the same construction process as we would for a new build. If it’s a kitchen or bath remodel, the process will be similar, but will begin with our kitchen and bath designer, who can guide you through the renovation process.

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